Youth employment plan of Castilla la Mancha

Technical assistance to the Council of Economy, Business and Employment of the government of Castilla la Mancha to develop this plan

  • Funding body: Junta de Castilla la Mancha
  • Period: 2016-2017


Technical assistance for the elaboration of the Youth Employment Plan of Castilla la Mancha

The objective of this technical assistance is to articulate a global plan of action in favour of youth employment in the Autonomous Community of Castilla la Mancha, which will be carried out jointly by the regional Council of Economy, Business and Employment and the regional Council of Education, Culture and Sports.

The Youth Training and Employment Plan aims to develop in the Autonomous Community of Castilla La Mancha, the Youth Guarantee strategy promoted by the European Union to facilitate the effective access of young people to employment through three axes:

Axis 1: Provision of a portfolio of services adapted to the needs of young people in the labour market.

Axis 2: Coordination of the actors that intervene in the labour market and that will be involved in the Plan.

Axis 3: Simplified and efficient management of the Plan


Photo credit: Huhezi Mondragon Unibertsitatea, Plan Estrategikoa

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