Project to contribute to the eradication of gender-based violence in Turkey through the exchange of knowledge and experiences of civil society organisations in the European Union and Turkey

  • Funding body: Turkish Ministry for European Affairs
  • Coordinator: notus-asr
  • Partners: Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini, FWS, SURT, TSSA
  • Period: 2015-2016



The aim of this project was to contribute to the fight against gender violence in Turkey through the exchange of knowledge and experiences among civil society organizations from the European Union and Turkey. The challenge was to familiarize target groups with the laws and practices of the European Union and develop tools to prevent gender violence. The project has promoted the exchange of knowledge between Turkey, Italy and Spain on this issue, from the preparation of national reports and a comparative report on the characteristics of gender violence and the policies and actions that have been developed to eradicate it. The project has helped improve the capacity of civil society organizations in Turkey through the development of a set of specific tools and training. Finally, it has encouraged dialogue on gender violence among policy makers and civil society organizations in Turkey.


Rachel Palmén, Nuria Francoli, Angela Genova, Asuman Göksel, Laura Sales, Silvia Sansonetti and Çiğdem Tozlu with Duygu Güngör and Aslihan Öztürk. (2016) WAVE: Violence Against Women Comparative Report: Italy, Spain and Turkey.

Çiğdem Tozlu and Asuman Göksel, (2016) WAVE Violence against Women Country Report

SURT Foundation, (2016) Guidelines for Professionals on the Detection of Gender-based Violence and Provision of Support to Survivors.


Photo Credit: Anna Sapphire: Stop the Violence Against Women.

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