Participation in Eurofound’s European Restructuring Monitor Observatory

  • Funding body: Eurofound
  • Coordinator: IKEI
  • Partners: Notus
  • Period: 2013-2017



The European Restructuring Monitor reports on cases of restructuring throughout the European Union and provides different data-bases about employment legislation and restructuring instruments. It forms part of the web portal of the European Monitoring Centre on Change, which Eurofound established in 2001. Its objective is to provide companies, social partners, public authorities, local actors and European institutions with the data, information and knowledge they need in order to anticipate change, design their own strategies for change and manage the effects of change in socially acceptable ways. The observatories are supported by an extensive network of correspondents covering all EU countries, plus Norway. notus-asr carries out the correspondent services for Spain in collaboration with IKEI. The notus-asr team has participated in this network since it was founded in 2001.


Photo Credit, Matt Niemi, Security Gate (Closed)

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