Towards a more dynamic collective bargaining

Sharing knowledge and exchanging experiences between administrations and experts on labour reforms in collective bargaining. Peer review programme of the European Commission.

  • Funding body: Comisión Europea, en el marco del programa de Aprendizaje Mutuo
  • Period: 2017



Following recent labour market reforms in Portugal, the extension by administrative decision of collective agreements and the expiration or renewal of collective agreements have been contentious issues in the Portuguese industrial/ labour relations debate. With a view to share knowledge and exchange experiences with other European labour market administrations and experts, the European Commission organized under the Mutual Learning Programme, a Peer Review session hosted by the Portuguese Ministry of Labour, Solidarity and Social Security. The Peer Review was attended by country experts from the following countries: Austria, Cyprus, France, The Netherlands, Norway, Serbia and Spain. The Spanish industrial relations expert from notus-asr Pablo Sanz, took part in this session and elaborated a paper comparing Portuguese and Spanish situation.


Photo credit: Felix Nine, Abstract Wallpaper

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