URBACT KAIRÓS Project final transnational activities: study visit to Malbork and Gdansk in Poland

Generously hosted and very efficiently organized by the city of Malbork, our last KAIRÓS international exchange took place on May 25th and 26th 2022, and it consisted in a study visit to Malbork and Gdansk. The partners of KAIRÓS had the chance to know better the heritage urban regeneration actions that are being carried out in both cities.

On the first day, the partners got to know the participative urban regeneration strategy in Malbork and how it has contributed to the adaptative rehabilitation and reuse of historical spaces like the Latin School and its conversion into Education and Culture Center, or the ancient Water Tower, which was transformed into a Youth and Civic Center. Besides, Aldo Vargas, URBACT National Point representative in Poland, introduced the new developments of the URBACT programme for period 2021 – 2027. This day included a walk around the historical heritage key places in Malbork city centre and ended with a visit to the famous Teuton Castle and surprise disguise dinner.

The second day was devoted to the Gdansk experience, in the Pomerania Region capital city. It began with a visit to the magnificent European Solidarity Center, where all partners had the chance to see the transformation of the iconic shipyard district. The visit ended with a one-hour-long touching and invigorating meeting with the legendary Polish human rights activist, ex-president and Nobel Prize winner Lech Walesa.

NOTUS provides technical assistance for the management and execution to KAIRÓS Project leader partner, the town hall of Mula (Murcia, Spain).

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