The participative workshops for the design of the Cohesion and Social Inclusion Plan of Vinaròs are underway.

The participative workshops for the design of the city’s Cohesion and Social Inclusion Plan have already started in Vinaròs. The holding of these workshops means the culmination of the participative diagnosis that was done prior to the design of the Plan. This participative diagnosis included the analysis of the demographic, economic and social situation of the city as well as the study of the policies, measures and actions carried out by the local administration for the improvement of cohesion and social inclusion in the municipality.

After the diagnosis phase, the identification of the lines of action that are necessary to achieve this objective will be addressed, as well as the spelling out of priorities, budget, timing and responsibilities for each of the lines. Indicators will also be incorporated to allow monitoring and evaluation of the execution and real impact of the Plan.

The two workshops planned (one with the participation of social agents and members of civil society and the other with the participation of technical staff from the different areas of Vinaròs Town Council) will allow the validation and extension of the provisional results obtained in the diagnosis, as well as the incorporation into the Plan of proposals for action from civil society and the technical teams.