The High Commissioner for the Fight against Child Poverty takes part in the presentation of the study about income guarantee models and their implementation in the Vallès Occidental area with whom notus-asr has collaborated

On November 8th the Vallès Occidental County Council presented two interesting studies where notus-asr has collaborated: the 2017 report about poverty and inequalities in the Vallès Occidental and a study about income guarantee rents and its implementation in the Vallès Occidental. In the case of the report, notus-asr contributed to the writing up of the first 2016 report and to the design  of the poverty and inequality indicators which will be analysed and upated every year. When it comes to the study, during the last year notus-asr has collaborated with the County Council in the analysis of minimum rent guarantee system in Spain and the implementation of the Guaranteed Citizenship Income during its first year, enlivening the workshops with experta and local agents and groups of receiving persons to find out which  improvement measures of this new rent could be incorporated and estimate the potential costs implied in such action.

The presentation of the two documents was done by the President of the County Council, Mr. Ignasi Gonzalez, who highlighted that despite the fact that the situation of poverty seems to  be improving, both studies show worrying data and seem to indicate that the improvement of macroeconomic data  is not translating into improving the situation of poverty of some families.

The event was also attended by the High Commissioner for Combating Child Poverty, Mr. Pau Mari-Klose. Mr. Mari-Klose highighted that the economic recovery has not reached all households and that currently there are 200,000 more households without income than before the crisis. Another aspect where it also delves into how working poverty has increased, inequality has increased and poverty is rejuvenating.

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