Keymob-key competencies for mobility

Technical assistance for the project development on transversal competencies of young people taking part in international mobility projects

  • Funding body: ERASMUS+, European Union
  • Period: 2018-2020



The project’s objective is to make proposals to develop the transversal competencies of young people participating in transnational mobility projects. Three final products are foreseen: the proposal of a specific European curriculum to develop transversal competencies in situations of international mobility. The proposal of a report about the coordination of local actors for the organization of the international mobility of young people doing internships. A guide for the development of the professional competencies of young people during their internship period in another country. The project plans two working seminars opened to experts, one in Germany and another one in Czech Republic, and lastly a final project presentation seminar in Brussels.

Documents available for download:

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