Impact assessment of SEFED programme

Impact assessment of SEFED programme on participants’ entry into the workforce

  • Funding body: Fundación Inform
  • Period: 2017


Impact assessment of SEFED programme

Impact assessment on job market of the SEFED Programme over the course of its 30 years of history. The SEFED Programme trains administrative staff by employing a company simulation methodology. In addition to analysing information on the evolution of this programme, they have conducted group interviews with professors  and different generations of participants in different towns and cities in which the programme has been implemented. An online survey with participants was also done. The results obtained reflect a high degree of job placement among participants. At present, 77.24% have jobs. Some two-thirds of participants state that the programme was useful to them for providing guidance for their careers, as well as useful in their job post. And 72.25% of participants claim that the programme adapts very well to companies’ professional needs. The majority, 79.16%, say they are very satisfied with the programme, giving it 8 points out of 10. And 70.52% found work within the first six months after finishing the training course.


Photo Credit: Manuchi

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