Evaluation of active employment policies in the Autonomous Community of Madrid

individual impact assessment of the services and programmes offered by the Dirección General del servicio Público de Empleo (DGSPE ) of the Autonomous Community of Madrid

  • Funding body: Consejería de Economía y Empleo CM
  • Period: 2018



The aim is to evaluate the individual impact of the services and programmes  offered by the DGSPE and which were completed in 2016 and/or 2017.  The following programmes were evaluated: individualized diagnoses; individual and personalized itinerary; individual job search techniques; job interview workshop; support to the beneficiaries of Garantía Juvenil; occupational training; labour intermediation; sending of job offers. The objective is to evaluate the individual impact that each of these measures or several of them have on participants. The proposed evaluation takes into account the estimate of one impact indicator at global scale (general placement rates), others according to the quality of employment and the individual and labour characteristics of job seekers, with special emphasis on the most vulnerable participants. The evaluation is carried out using a combination of quantitative and qualitative analysis techniques which include among others:

  1. Descriptive analysis;
  2. Multivariate statistical analysis;
  3. Qualitative analysis. To ensure the quality of the whole evaluation process we will proceed to:
  • Review the original of the data and assurance of sources;
  • Ensure the correct importing of data;
  • Ensure the correct codification of the variables to be used; 
  • Guarantee the correct use of qualitative and quantitative techniques and guarantee that such use is in line with the different stages.
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