PROMOTE Project continues its research about working conditions of posted workers in the agriculture sector

On the 23th of September of 2020, all the partners of the PROMOTE project had a virtual meeting which was aimed at monitoring the state of the project. During the meeting, the partners shared the progress of the preliminary research, which combines desk research and fieldwork based on interviews conducted with people who intervene in the field of posting of workers.

Due to the current circumstances, bilateral meetings between the lead and coordinator partners (UGT FICA and notus-asr) and each partner are being held beyond the consortium meetings. The goal of these meetings is to have updated information on the difficulties each partner may face and implement those measures which ensure the normal development of the project.

PROMOTE project “promoting collaboration and good practice in posting of workers in the agriculture sector” (VS/2019/0436), is funded by the Programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI) of the European Commission. The project is leaded by UGT FICA and coordinated by notus-asr, and includes the following trade unions and civil society organisations of the agriculture sector: AI CISL (Italy), CFE-CGC Agro (France), ICDI (Romania) and UPTA (Spain, associated entity).

More information about the project: