Notus is ready to support the development of new projects in Next Generation EU programme

On 21 July 2020, the European Council agreed on a temporary exceptional recovery facility, the Next Generation EU, for an amount of EUR 750 billion. The Recovery Fund ensures a coordinated European response with Member States to address the economic and social consequences of the pandemic.

Next Generation EU will be rolled out across three pillars:

  1. Supporting Member States to recover:
  • Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF)
  • Rural development
  • Just Transition Fund
  1. Kick-starting the economy and helping private investment
  • Solvency Support Instrument
  • InvestEU
  • Strategic Investment Facility
  1. Learning the lessons from the crisis
  • Health programme
  • rescEU
  • Horizon Europe
  • Neighbourhood, Development and International Cooperation
  • Humanitarian Aid


Is preparing its national recovery and resilience plans within the RRF. The National Plan must include investments and reforms needed to address the particular challenges Spain faces, which are related to the overall objectives of the RRF.