The URBinclusion Manifesto: the vision of 9 European cities to improve the fight against poverty.

Within the framework of the URBinclusion project, 9 European cities have published a Manifesto in which they present their vision about how local policies to combat poverty in cities can be improved.

In this brief document, entitled “Poverty has many faces”, city representatives present their views on some of the major challenges that these policies are facing in the immediate future, such as the need to adopt an integrated approach that addresses the multifaceted nature of poverty and its causes, the involvement of key agents and citizens beyond formal consultation processes and the need to design innovative financing mechanisms. Furthermore, it highlights the need to establish participated monitoring and evaluation systems that allow not only the adoption of data-based strategies but also the construction of transparency and trust models between administration, agents and citizens.

The resulting Manifesto can be found at:


Over the past two years, notus-asr has provided technical assistance to the Barcelona City Council for the management of this initiative, funded by the Urbact Program of the European Union.

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