Telework in the EU. New publication by notus staff

Eurofound has published the report ‘Telework in the EU: Regulatory frameworks and recent updates`. 

The report maps and analyses legislation and collective bargaining on telework in the 27 Member States and Norway. It highlights the main cross-country differences and similarities regarding telework legislation and recent changes to these regulations. It also examines the current situation regarding collective bargaining on telework. The analysis highlights many of the drawbacks and challenges of telework, focusing on provisions relating to access to telework, flexible working time, continuous availability/connectivity, isolation, occupational and health risk prevention and the costs incurred by the employee while working remotely. With COVID-19 having been an accelerator for regulating telework both in legislation and through collective bargaining, the report sheds light on how the future of telework could be regulated at national and EU level to improve working conditions and the well-being of workers.

The report was elaborated by Óscar Vargas, Ricardo Rodríguez Contreras (Eurofound), Pablo Sanz (Notus), Eckhard Voss and Christina Benning (wmp consult – Wilke Maack GmbH))