Pablo Sanz de Miguel

Partner - Research director
PhD in Sociology

Pablo Sanz de Miguel’s profile

PhD in Sociology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and lecturer (profesor asociado) in the Department of Sociology of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. His areas of interest are European governance of employment, industrial relations, employment and working conditions and employment policies. Since April 2013 he has been a researcher at notus-asr, having been involved in different research projects on the European Semester, the representativeness of the social partners in several European sectors, fraudulent forms of contracting work, active labour market policies, dual vocational training and industrial relations models. In addition, he has worked in European projects analysing the impact of digitalization on working conditions and industrial relations. He has published various research reports, articles in social science journals, as well as book chapters.

Pablo Sanz de Miguel

Partner – Research director

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