Second transnational meeting of the project ERASMUS NO NEET in Lugano.

On June 5th, 6th and 7th Canton di Ticino, associate partner of the project ERASMUS + New Opportunities for the Not Employment, Education or Training (NO NEET) welcomed the other project partners and organised second transnational meeting of the project partnership in order to work on the final results of the project and to get to know the experiences developed in the Canton of Ticino with vulnerable young people who neither study nor work, also known as NEET’s collective.

Throughout those three days notus-asr and the other project partners had the opportunity to know how the education and vocational training is organised in Canton di Ticino. In particular, the partnership got to know the work carried out by the Istituto della Transizione e del sostengo (ITS). This implies the integration in a single entity of 5 services that act in the field of training from professional orientation, the integration of immigrants (refugees), the motivation of people who leave their studies and the offer of professional training (2 years, 3 years or 4 years). Apart from the presentation of the institution, we were also able to get to know some specific activities that work to integrate young immigrants, such as Immaginando -audiovisual communication lab- and theatre workshops. It was also possible to visit the experiences of social projects with young people developed by the Fondazione Il Gabbbiano and Sostare. These experiences were already presented at Fourth short-term joint staff training event in Torino

In relation to the results of the project, a working session was dedicated to present the draft documents that will synthesise the work carried out by the project partners: the Handbook that contains the summary of the peer review process of each good practice visited and the Guidelines document that contains a synthesis of the most outstanding aspects of the 7 learning events organised by each partner and the main conclusions. These documents will be presented at the final meeting in Brussels on September 19 th. These documents will then be shared via the notus-asr website.

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