Renewing industrial strategies in the north of Barcelona

The Barcelonés County Council has commissioned us to carry out the strategic analysis of the Barcelonés Nord industry. It is about to develop a fieldwork in the main companies of Badalona, ​​Santa Coloma de Gramenet and Sant Adrià de Besós, to detect their situation and prospects for the challenges of the future, especially those related to the aging of the occupied population. Field work will consist of an online survey reinforced by telephone and with personal interviews with the main companies in the three municipalities.
The acceleration of the technological, demographic changes and the conditions of competitiveness of the companies requires the updating of the strategies and the services offered by the departments of economic development of the municipalities. The coordination of the strategies of the three municipalities is one of the aspects to be valued in a key metropolitan area and with a high growth potential. The study will provide information and reflections to adapt policies supporting the productive sector of the area, taking into account the trends detected at European level, and will provide proposals to rethink local policies to promote re-industrialization under strong innovation conditions.
With the collected information a set of conclusions and proposals will be developed to improve the competitiveness of the companies of the territory and to plan the processes of replacement of the workers who will retire in the next years.
The team of notus-asr is made up of Oriol Homs, Joan Antoni Serra, Marc Caballero and Elvira González.