Torrent City Council works with companies and social agents to identify training needs in the City

notus-asr has been hired by Municipality of Torrent (València) to carry out a research on the training needs in the city, with the aim of ensuring that local training offer meets companies’ needs and improves the job opportunities for unemployed citizens.

This study, which is developed in the framework of the Urban Development Strategy and supported by ERDF, has included the analysis of the labour market, the industrial sector in the city, more than 30 in-depth interviews with key agents and a survey where more than 120 local companies have been asked about training needs.

Following this participative approach, last 20th September two workshops took place in Torrent with the participation of 35 local key agents and companies. They had the opportunity not only to know about last work developments, but also to expose their points of view on the critical points that should be tackled by the municipality and make proposals for the action Plan.