Territorial diagnosis for employment in the ceramics municipalities of Castellón

In the framework of this study, an analysis was performed on statistical indicators, conducting interviews with key informers, organising regional forums and drafting a report-diagnostic

  • Funding body: Consorci gestor del pacte territorial per l'ocupació dels municipis ceràmics i la seua àrea d'influècia de la provincia de Castelló
  • Period: 2018


Conducting of a Territorial Diagnosis for Employment in the 14 municipalities that are part of the Ceramic Pact of Castelló.

This diagnosis is framed within the programme Avalem Territori (Let’s Endorse Our Territory) by the Valencia Employment and Training Service (SERVEF), whose purpose is territorial adaptation of active employment policies. The objective of the diagnosis is for it to be used as a basis for designing a participative regional development process, driven forward for agents in this territory and heeding its potentials and endogenous resources. In particular, the study will provide the key areas for adapting active employment policies to the region’s specificities, with the aim of increasing efficacy and the impact, always within the framework established by the competent administration in designing these policies.



Photo Credit: David Rock Desing

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