Notus continues to provide technical assistance to the development of Barcelona’s Training and Employment Resources Map

Since 2017 notus is collaborating with Barcelona Activa in the design, implementation and development of the Training and Employment Resources Map of Barcelona. Recently, the technical assistance has been renewed and notus will continue supporting Barcelona Activa to develop this map.


The Training and Employment Resources Map is one of the measures agreed within the framework of the Barcelona Employment Strategy and the Plan for the Promotion of Quality Youth Employment. This Map has two objectives. First, it is an information and orientation tool which aims to facilitate the access of the citizens to the existing resources for the improvement of the professional qualification and the employability. Second, it is a tool addressed to the professionals who work in the different institutions of the city providing career guidance and professional orientation.

In the current circumstances, NOTUS team continues working.

To keep our workers and partners safe during the Covid-19 health crisis, we are doing home-based telework. You can contact us by email: