notus-asr will carry out the Territorial Assessment Report for Employment of the ceramic region of Castellón

notus-asr has been chosen by the Territorial Employment Pact of the Ceramic Region of Castellón (Pacte Ceràmic de Castelló) for the elaboration of a Territorial Assessment Report in the area.

Pacte Ceràmic de Castelló brings together the municipalities and the main social agents (employers organizations and unions) from 14 municipalities in the regions of Plana Alta, Plana Baixa and Alcalaten (Castellón, Valencian Autonommous Community, Spain) that house a powerful sector of ceramic industry and auxiliaries, responsible for more of 85% of Spanish ceramic exports.

The Territorial Assessment Report will involve the analysis of a total of 225 indicators and in-depth interviews to 30 key agents. It is part of the program AVALEM Territori launched by the Valencian Employment and Training Service (SERVEF) and whose objective is to analyze the socio-economic reality of the territories and, counting with the participation of all territorial agents, to identify the action lines needed to boost local development and employment. This information will allow the adaptation of employment policies and other policies with an impact on development to the reality of the territories and will increase their effectiveness through a participatory approach.