2nd Scientific meeting of the project INVOLVE

On the 16th of July it was held the second scientific meeting of the project INVOLVE -Involving social partners in dual VET governance: exploring the contribution of social partners in the design, renewal and implementation of dual VET-. This meeting was organised by the Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) from Poland, partner of the project, and was held virtually. During the meeting, the results of the fieldwork were presented and discussed. The fieldwork has consisted on interviews with different stakeholders involved in the implementation of Dual VET in Greece, Spain, Poland and Portugal. 

In the coming months, the final reports of the fieldwork in each country will be finalised and will be available on the official website of the project. In addition, between September and December it is planned to carry out a participatory scenario methodology in each country. This methodology aims at developing scenarios on possible integrative governance structures that improve the participation of social partners in VET systems.

The INVOLVE project, which is lead by notus-asr, aims to analyse the degree of social partners’ integration in the governance of dual VET systems in four countries that have recently developed projects of dual systems of VET, namely Spain, Greece, Portugal and Poland. The project is funded by the European Commission.

More information about the project: