TWING project on telework and industrial relations, lead by notus, has just started

Notus is leading the European project TWING- Exploring the contribution of social dialogue and collective bargaining in the promotion of decent and productive telework in the post-COVID-19 scenario, which has started in November 2022. 

TWING project aims to explore the impact of COVID-19 crisis on telework, working conditions and industrial relations with the overarching objective of supporting social partners in the promotion of decent and productive telework in the post-COVID-19 scenario. For this purpose, the analysis is focusing on four sectors which face different constrains in relation to telework (ICT, banking, chemical industry and public administration,) and six countries that differ on the prevalence and ways of regulating telework, and are representative of different industrial relations regimes (Austria, Estonia, Finland, Spain, Poland and Portugal). This sectoral and country selection will enable comparative analysis and policy recommendations at the European level.

On the 22nd of November, the project kick-off meeting was held virtually. The meeting was attended by members from the five partners involved in the project (Forba, Praxis, Nouts, University of Kyväskylä and ISP), the associate partners (Fundación 1º de Mayo – CCOO, YTN Federation of professional and managerial staff) and the advisory board.

Currently, the project partners are carrying our desk research and statistical analysis with the aim of analysing state-of-the-art of main changes on teleworking patterns, working conditions and regulation in the selected countries and sectors in the post-COVID 19 scenario. 

For more information on the project activities and results, you can visit TWING project website: