Interested in working conditions in the ecommerce supply chain? The TeamHub background report is available!

The TeamHub background report on working conditions in the ecommerce supply chain  is now available at:

The TeamHub Background Report is the final output of the Study phase, meant to build a solid problem definition for the project. Providing a comparative analysis of the nine TeamHub Country Fiches, the Background Report illustrates key trends and ongoing dynamics in the e-commerce supply chain in Europe, focusing on business organisation and working conditions, in order to outline issues deserving major attention by policy makers and unions at national and EU level.

Following the background report, Project partners are now focused on the research of 16 case studies (NOTUS will be responsible for 3 of them). The results of the case studies will be jointly analysed at the International Workshop to be held in Poland on 30th and 31st October 2023 and will be the base for the design and delivery of policy recommendations.

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