Management Guidelines for the GVANext Points

Management Guidelines for the GVANext points, local offices for the European funds upraising and management

  • Coordinator: Marc Caballero
  • Period: 2023
  • Funding body: Generalitat Valenciana – Conselleria de Presidencia



The GVANext points are an initiative of the Generalitat that has allowed more than 200 municipalities and associations throughout the Valencian Region to have professionals with specific training for attracting European resources with the aim that no sector is left behind and no territory remain outside the possibilities that these funds offer.

A Management Manual has been prepared to ensure the coherence and effectiveness of the actions of these offices. Action procedures have been defined in each of the key processes in the search for and management of European funds and indicators for monitoring and evaluating these processes. Likewise, information sources and resources have been identified.

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