Notus-asr will provide technical assistance for the management of the URBinclusion project, led by the city of Barcelona and financed by the European Union’s URBACT program

notus-asr has been selected to provide technical assistance to the City of Barcelona in the management of the URBinclusion project, a network of 9 European cities whose objective is to combat urban poverty.

Within the framework of the project, these cities, among which are Lyon, Krakow, Glasgow, Copenhagen or Turin, will exchange methods, approaches and concrete experiences that serve to improve their respective strategies to fight poverty in urban environments with special needs. To this end, thematic seminars and exchange of group experiences and city to city (peer review) will be organized.

In the case of Barcelona, the URBinclusion project will target the Bon Pastor neighborhood, in the Sant Andreu district. To ensure that the knowledge acquired is transformed into concrete actions, the City Council has set up a Local Support Group composed of the main agents working in the neighborhood, including social entities. This group will analyze the experiences and methods used and decide on its application to improve the socio-economic cohesion of the neighborhood.