Notus is very pleased to start this exciting gender mainstreaming project with the Royal Academy of Engineering, in the UK.  

This project looks at how to gender mainstream the Leaders in Innovation Fellowship, which is an entrepreneurial programme of the Royal Academy of Engineering, UK and implemented in 19 countries around the world, including Egypt, Peru, Indonesia and Jordan amongst others. It takes a Theory of Change approach to examine how gender mainstreaming can be incorporated in the design and implementation of the programme. 

Different phases of the programme will be analysed with a gender mainstreaming lens.  Fieldwork consists of interviews with Academy staff, trainers and mentors on the programme as well as beneficiaries. A questionnaire is also conducted to past and present alumni of the programme whilst online workshops will also be carried out.  It takes a culturally contextual approach, which recognizes the importance of tailoring recommendations to local contexts. 

More information about the project: