Notus-asr takes part in the VII Congress of the Spanish Social Policy Network (REPS)

On the 4th and 5th of October the University of Zaragoza organized the VII Congress of the Spanish Social Policy Network (REPS, Spanish acronym) in the Aragonese capital under the slogan Social Policies before Horizons of Uncertainty and Inequality. The aim of the Congress was to contribute to better understand the nature of the new uncertainties that bring unrest, and to propose new frameworks for discussion in order to develop effective, equitable and sustainable social policies.

During the employment panel 1, table 1.2. Employment policies in hiper-flexible markets. A labour solution to the job insecurity or just a social policy palliative for those that are excluded from the informational production? Notus-asr presented a paper entitled: Groups with particular difficulties to access employment, how to act with them? An approach from the local and regional scale. The paper aimed to offer a reflexion about the type of interventions that can be carried out with respect to these groups and present some of the interesting answers that are being given both at regional level in our country as well as at local level in different countries (USA, Canada, Finland, Sweden, Italy or France). Thus, on the one hand, the paper presents some of the experiences that are being carried out in different cities in relation to the comprehensive approach in interventions and the creation of an alternative labour market through the introduction of social measures in public procurement. On the other hand, the most interesting aspects of the debate about the reform of the minimum income programs is presented and it deepens the debate on recent reforms in some of the programs at autonomic level, specially the reform that Catalonia underwent.