notus-asr joins ALDA, the European Network for Local Democracy

notus-asr has been accepted as a new member of ALDA, the European Association for Local Democracy, a network of entities whose objective is the promotion of governance and citizen engagement at the local level through activities and projects that facilitate cooperation between authorities local and civil society. This acceptance has taken place at the Board of Directors meeting held in July 2019.

ALDA was established in 1999 on the initiative of the Council of Europe to coordinate and support the network of Local Democracy Agencies. Today, ALDA is a key actor and an important interlocutor of the European Commission in the field of local democracy, active citizenship and cooperation between local authorities and civil society, bringing together more than 300 members from 40 countries.

With this initiative, n otus-asr goes a step further to contribute to the construction of a European model of local development, participatory and sustainable.