First institutional workshop of TARGET

notus takes part in the  H2020 project TARGET, principally by providing tailored technical assistance to different research organisations for the implementation of a gender equality plan. Througout the four-year project, a key aspect is the co-organisation of institutional workshops addressing each phase of GEP development, from the initial audit to the evaluation and redesign of the plan.

The first institutional workshop for  TARGET was held at the Ecole Central in Marseille on the 23rd of January, 2018 and co-organized by the RMEI network gathering 100 universities in 16 Mediterranean countries.  The goals of the meeting were to:

(1) present the activities of RMEI partner universities

(2) to create a working group within RMEI

(3) to reflect on the connection of global challenges and sustainability with gender equality

(4) to begin to think about a RMEI gender equality strategy and get feedback from the members of RMEI according to their experiences with gender equality policies in research.

The workshop was part of the audit process and attended by representatives from Egypt, France, Greece, Italy, Morocco and Spain. The audit consists of collecting quantitative and qualitative data on gender issues (sex disaggregated data on students, staff, management, gender studies, gender policies) within the RMEI universities. To achieve this goal we adapted the CESAER gender equality survey specifically for the RMEI network and distributed it to member universities.