The project ISA has ended

The Project ISA has ended on the 31sth of March, after two years of intense research and dissemination activities.

The main objective of the project was to promote and reinforce transnational cooperation between authorities and stakeholders involved in the posting of workers in the construction sector, by promoting the establishment of information sharing agreements meant to monitor and ease the posting of workers.

Bearing this objective in mind, the project has produced country briefing papers which provide contextual information on trends and debate about posting in a nutshell. It has also elaborated guidelines which illustrate features of 11 cross-border cooperation agreement showing interest approaches and outcomes for administrative cooperation in the field of posting. It has also published a final report which summarises and compares key findings of the project, including some suggestions to improve administrative cooperation.

All Spanish research results can be consulted at the notus website. In addition, four dissemination articles on the topic of posting of workers are available, which have been published at the project website section, specialised journals (Liaisons Sociales Europe), trade unions bulletins (UGT-FICA, employment bulleting of foreign workers) and at the blog of a construction paritarian institutions (Blog Fundación Laboral de la Construction Asturias). Moreover, it is possible to consult an interview conducted with the responsible of the newly Unit of Especial Coordination against Transnational Fraudulent Contractual Practices (Unidad de Coordinación Especial para la Lucha contra el Fraude Laboral Transnacional).

More information about the project: