Presentation of the Catalan Youth Survey 2017

Every five years the Generalitat de Catalunya undertakes the Catalan Youth Survey . The results from the last edition have recently been published in two volumes within the “Estudis” collection of the Dirección General de Juventud and they are presented in the seminars Daily Uncertainty. Youth scenarios in a post-crisis context.

On 21st of October the first seminar took place. In this first seminar the different authors that have contributed to the writing up of Volume 1. Youth Transitions participated. In this seminar notus-asr presented chapter 5 of this volume that was written up by Maria Caprile, Pablo Sanz, Oriol Homs and Antonio Marin and it is titled: Work. Situation and needs of young people. This chapter deals with the situation of young people in relation to the labour market. The main conclusions of the chapter are three. First, activity situations and working conditions have a differentiated incidence within the young population, strongly linked to social inequality axes such as gender, immigration and social origin. Second, precarious work and overqualification are problems that go beyond the youth stage, i.e., they are not situations that can only be linked to a life cycle of transition. Third, despite the change in the economic situation, the data indicate that a minority group of young people experience serious difficulties in accessing employment.

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