On 6 September 2021, the sixth meeting of the steering committee of the PROMOTE project was held

The purpose of the meeting of the project “Promoting collaboration and good practices in the posting of workers in the agri-food sector” was to know the status and preparation of the second cooperation meeting organised by ICDI (Romania) to be held in online format on 29 September. This seminar concludes the programmed tasks of exchanges of cooperation experiences that are developed in different countries to improve the situation of displaced workers in the agricultural sector.

At the meeting the final agenda presented by ICDI was approved and the organisation of the participants in the seminar was prepared. As in the previous seminar, attendance is free but must be communicated in advance to the organisers in order to send the link and ensure the correct functioning of the connections and of all participants.

At this meeting, the content of the planned third newsletter, which will contain the results of the two experience exchange seminars, was approved and will be published in the first half of October.

The meeting also set the date for the project’s final conference on December 16 in Madrid, and it will be held in person, if sanitary conditions allow it.

The conference will have the participation of all partners who may be accompanied by 2/3 people, who will be stakeholders interested in the issue addressed by the project (representatives of the public administration, the labor inspection, representatives of the social agents, etc) from each of the participating countries.

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