NOTUS presents the Management Manual for the GVANext Points of the Valencian Regional Government.

NOTUS has participated in the closing day of the training of almost 300 technicians that will constitute the GVANext points of the Generalitat Valenciana (Valencian Regional Government). The GVANext points are an initiative of the Generalitat that has allowed more than 200 municipalities and associations throughout the Valencian Autonnomous Region to have professionals with specific training for attracting European resources with the aim that no sector is left behind and no territory is left aside.

Within the framework of this conference, NOTUS has presented the Management Manual prepared for the General Directorate for the Coordination of Government Action of the regional Ministry of the Presidency, the entity responsible for the technical coordination of the GVANext Points

The event was attended by the President of the Valencian Government, Ximo Puig.