notus-asr participates in the debate to explore new models of guaranteed income in the Vallès Occidental region

notus-asr participated in the conference “Towards a new model of income guarantee” held on the   2ndof March at the Consell Comarcal del Vallès Occidental (Regional Council of Vallès Occidental) where approximately 70 people attended and presented a paper about the evolution and situation of income guarantee programmes.

This meeting should be seen in the context of an agreement approved by the Council of Mayors of the Vallès Occidental and the study on “Inequality and Poverty in the Vallès Occidental” carried out by the Observatori Comarcal with the help of notus-asr. As a result of this work, the Mixed Commission for the Permanent Observation of Poverty and Inequalities of the Vallès Occidental was formed by several municipalities and social entities of the region and the Consell Comarcal itself. This workshop and the study “Basic citizenship income: implementation models and scenarios for the Vallès Occidental” that is being carried out  by notus-asr is included in the  Commission’s Work Plan for 2018-19.

The conference had a first part aimed at reflecting on the viable and necessary income models, and on how the autonomous income guarantee models have been articulated. In this first part, the presentations were given by Daniel Raventós, Luís Sanzo and Maria Caprile. In the second part of the day, three experiences of income guarantee models that are being implemented were presented. The first experience was that of the city of Barcelona through the B-Mincome Project. The second experience was the model income guarantee of Catalonia, which has begun to be implemented. The third experience was the income guarantee model of the Basque Country.