The Kairós project partners exchange experiences on heritage-based development strategies.

Within the framework of the Kairós project, funded by the URBACT program of the European Commission and led by the Mula City Council, 7 European cities have met in Cesena (Italy) to exchange experiences about their respective historical and cultural heritage-based urban development strategies.

The meeting included a presentation of the strategies adopted by the different cities and a peer review by the rest of the participants, which made it possible to enrich them with their contributions and suggestions. In addition, a study visit was organized to the city of Bologna where experiences of enhancing heritage as a driver for development were learned, including the work of social revitalization and animation for participation of the Urban Innovation Foundation and the Spazio DumBO initiative [ Distretto urban multifunzionale di Bologna] as an experience of a project focused on the regeneration of industrial heritage for the revitalization of degraded urban areas.

The Kairós project, in which NOTUS participates as technical assistance from the coordinator (Mula City Council), aims to promote mutual learning and the exchange of experiences between cities that have a socio-economic development axis of great potential in their historical and cultural heritage.

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