Notus-asr has participated in the EPSU meeting “Building company networks in social care: Norlandia and Colisée”

The European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) has organised the meeting “Building company networks in social care: Norlandia and Colisée”. The conference was held virtually, on the 15th of September of 2020. The meeting was organised in the context of a European project through which EPSU aims to develop company networks in these two multinational companies of the health care sector. Notus-asr is participating in the project, by gathering and analysing information on corporate trends in the two multinational care companies; employment and working conditions; and industrial relations patterns (social dialogue, etc.).

The meeting joined experts and trade union representatives from Norlandia and Colisée who work in different European countries (Sweden, France, Spain or Italy). Trade union representatives exchanged their views on the main challenges they face when representing and defending workers’ interest. Notus-asr contributed to the debate, by providing an overview of both companies’ profiles (Norlandia and Colisée/) and trends in the health and social services in Europe.