Maria Caprile Elola-Olaso


Founding partner and director of research at Notus.

Sociologist from the University of Barcelona with a post-graduate degree from the University Pompeu Fabra, with specialised experience in the labour market, employment policies and gender and the use of quantitative and qualitative methodologies.

Over the past 15 years she has managed European comparative studies about gender, research and the knowledge society within the European Union’s framework research programs and for DG Research (Women in Industrial Research, Monitoring progress towards gender equality in the 6th Framework Programme, Meta-analysis of gender and science research, SHEMERA). She has been co-director of the Spanish team reports observatories Eurofound since 1997.

She has been the Spanish expert in CEDEFOP’s network of experts on employment prospects and skills since 2013.

She has developed studies on the quality of employment, decent work and gender equality at the Catalan and Spanish levels with a comparative perspective with other countries in the European Union. She is also co-author of “The quality of employment in Spain. A theoretical and empirical approach” (2009) published by the Ministry of Labour.



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