Angelina Kussy

Ethnologist and cultural anthropologist from the University of Warsaw

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Ethnologist and cultural anthropologist from the University of Warsaw. She has held research stays at the University of Barcelona and the University of Granada while she was conducting ethnographic fieldwork in Barcelona and Marinaleda (Seville). She is working on her doctoral thesis at the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology of the Autonomous University of Barcelona on the social protection of domestic workers from Romania living in Spain. This research is based on fieldwork in Castellón de la Plana and complemented with the historical perspective of changes in social reproduction. Her areas of interest are economic anthropology, especially work, public policies for social protection, the care crisis, and transnational migration in the enlarged Europe. Her research employs the perspective of gender, class, and other factors of social inequality and qualitative research methods: in-depth and semi-structured interviews, life histories, and ethnographic observations (although she has also collected data for mixed-methods projects). She has participated in different international and national scientific research projects: on transnational social networks and ethnic enclaves (ORBITS) at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, transnational political participation (DIASPOlitic) at the University of Oslo and the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO), gender and social justice (GENDER CARE) and the impact of gender on caregivers in times of COVID-19 (CUMADE) at the Rovira i Virgili University. In 2021 she joined the notus-asr team as support for the Horizon2020 project on gender equality in Research & Development institutions (TARGET) and the pillar on women’s leadership in the project on inclusive education (SMILE). She has published articles in Polish and Spanish in indexed social science journals, whereas in English, she has book chapters and scientific articles pending for publication and in preparation. She has also written journalistic articles for the Polish and Spanish press that disseminate anthropological knowledge and social critique.

Angelina Kussy

Ethnologist and cultural anthropologist from the University of Warsaw.

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