Oriol Homs i Ferret

Founding member of notus-asr and director of research. His university education in business sciences (ESADE), sociology (University Paris VIII and Universidad Complutense de Madrid) and law (University of Barcelona) gives him a multidisciplinary approach. As a sociologist, he has combined teaching and research in the field of training and employment since the beginning of his professional career. In 1989 he founded the Centre d’Iniciatives i Recerques Europees a la Mediterrània (CIREM) being its director until 2012, coordinating numerous international applied studies (Europe, the Mediterranean basin and Latin America) in the fields of employment, training , local development and social policies. He has numerous publications in the field of training and employment. He has been the president of the Catalan Association of Sociology of the Institute of Catalan Studies (2004-2009), member of the Center for Opinion Studies (CEO) of Catalonia and director of the Journal of Vocational Training Tools.


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