Elvira González Gago

Economist with a post-degree in economics and European politics, she has more than 20 years of specialized experience in the Spanish labour market, employment policies and social policies, with a comparative perspective with other countries of the European Union and including the gender perspective. She is member of the European network of experts in the labour market and employment policies of the European Employment Policy Observatory, the SAAGE Network (Scientific Analysis and Advice on Gender Equality in the EU) of experts in the fields of employment, social inclusion and gender equality and forms part of the group of external experts advising the Platform European Tackling Undeclared Work. She has also worked for institutions such as the European Parliament or the European Economic and Social Council on issues such as the Youth Guarantee and the European Pillar of Social Rights. She has participated in numerous “Peer Review” sessions of the European Mutual Learning program for the exchange of knowledge and analysis of good practices in topics related to employment policies, social inclusion and gender equality.


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