Application of the Eurofound conceptual framework on key dimensions in national industrial relations systems

Funding body: Eurofound
Coordinator: Notus
Partners: Notus
Period: 2016-2017
Notus team: María Caprile, Pablo Sanz, Irene Riobóo and Elvira González

In the report: “Mapping key dimensions of industrial relations”, Eurofound (2015) defined industrial relations as the collective and individual governance of work and employment. After an extensive literature and policy document review the 2015 report identified as key dimensions of the mapping exercise the concepts of: industrial democracy, industrial competitiveness, social justice and job and employment quality.

The general objective of this project is to apply the Eurofound conceptual framework on key dimensions of industrial relations at national level

The more specific objectives of the project are:
– to further fine-tune the indicators identified in the 2015 project by selecting a definitive set of indicators by means of which national industrial relations systems can be mapped against the four dimensions;
– to apply this set of indicators to the industrial relations systems of the 28 EU Member States by using a questionnaire dispatched to the network of EurWORK correspondents and synthesising the findings in a comparative analytical report (CAR)